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Can you name the plants or flowers made up of element symbols?

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ElementsPlant or Flower
Iridium, iodine, sulphur
Phosphorus, oxygen, phosphorus, phosphorus, yttrium
Oxygen, radium, nitrogen, germanium
Molybdenum, carbon, potassium oxygen, radium, nitrogen, germanium
Hydrogen, argon, dysprosium potassium, iodine, tungsten, iodine
Bromine, iodine, argon
Carbon, americium, protactinium, nitrogen, uranium, lanthanum
Chromium, oxygen, carbon, uranium, sulphur
Oxygen, rhenium, gallium, nitrogen, oxygen
Chlorine, oxygen, vanadium, erbium
ElementsPlant or Flower
Protactinium, nitrogen, sulphur, yttrium
Calcium, radon, astatine, iodine, oxygen, nitrogen
Iron, vanadium, erbium, iron, tungsten
Iron, radon
Helium, astatine, hydrogen, erbium
Erbium, iodine, calcium
Sulphur, uranium, nitrogen, flerovium, oxygen, tungsten, erbium
Iodine, vanadium, yttrium
Lithium, lanthanum, carbon

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