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Can you name the national flags containing trees?

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 Cocoa pod, coconut palm, olive branch and banana bunch
 Palm tree, palm and laurel branches (state flag only)
 Olive branches
 Palm tree
 Olive branch
 Lebanon cedar
 Bay laurel branch and palm frond
 Tree-covered hills (variant flag)
 Pomegranite fruit
 Oak and laurel branches
 Bay laurel branch and palm frond
 Olive, palm and laurel branches
 Silk-cotton tree
 Maple leaf
 Olive branches
 Palm and olive branches
 Olive branches
 Bay laurel garland
 Oak and laurel leaves
 Bay laurel branches
 Nutmeg fruit
 Tree-covered hills
 Cinchona tree, palm, laurel and holm oak branches (variant flag)
 Mahogany tree and leaves
 Bo (sacred fig) leaves

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