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The most important person to Maya
Maya's first real friend
Got knocked up by the neighbor
Called 'Momma' by the children
Makes Maya proud to be a negro
Bailey's 'Mother Dear'
What is Maya Angelou’s birth name? (A) Margaret Ann Johnson (B) Mary Ann Johnson (C) Marguerite Ann Johnson (D) Maya Ann Johnson
Why did Maya and Bailey’s parents send them to Stamps, Arkansas? (A) They had to move to St. Louis (B) They had financial troubles (C) Their grandmother needed company (D) They got divorced
How did Maya and Bailey get to Stamps? (A) By bus (B) By train (C) By car (D) By plane
Why does Uncle Willie hide in the potato bin? (A) Because he’s crippled (B) Because the police think he’s a suspect in a crime (C) Because there’s a white lynch mob out looking for scapegoats (D) Because he’s afraid of ghosts
Which author is Maya’s first love?(A) James Weldon Johnson (B) Henry Reed (C) William Shakespeare (D) Rudyard Kipling
What does Momma do while the poor white children mock her in the yard?(A) Rake circles in the yard (B) Yell angrily (C) Hum a gospel tune (D) Weigh potatoes
What does Maya do to defy Mrs. Cullinan? (A) She breaks her heirloom china (B) She tells her not to call her Mary (C) She refuses to go to work (D) She talks back to her guests
What does Maya do for the first time in Mexico? (A) Drive a car (B) Drink a margarita (C) Sing in Spanish (D) Get angry with her father
DescriptionsPeople/ AnswersOptions
Why does Bailey stay late at the movies?(A) Because he loses track of time (B) Because the actress reminds him of his mother (C) Because he is afraid of the dark (D) Because Joyce made him
Who rapes Maya?(A) Big Bailey (B) Daddy Clidell (C) Uncle Willy (D) Mr. Freeman
Where does Maya live after running away from her father’s friend’s house? (A) A garage (B) A junkyard (C) A shelter (D) A friend’s house
Which famous figure sustains black pride for those who congregate at the Store?(A) Martin Luther King, Jr. (B) Joe Louis (C) Booker T. Washington (D) Michael Jordan
How does Vivian make a living? (A) By working in gambling parlors (B) By working in hospitals (C) By working as a streetcar conductor (D) By working as a waitress
Why does Maya stop talking?(A) Because she only likes to read (B) Because Grandmother Baxter hits her (C) Because she feels the devil will come out of her if she talks (D) Because Mr. Freeman rapes her
What does Grandfather Baxter teach his sons to be?A) Kind (B) Thieves (C) Con men (D) Mean
In which city does Maya feel she belongs? (A) St. Louis (B) New York (C) San Francisco (D) Los Angeles
Why does Maya sleep with the neighborhood boy?(A) Because she is in love with him (B) To prove she is not gay (C) To make Bailey mad (D) Because she’s bored
What does Maya hide from Vivian and Daddy Clidell?(A) Her pregnancy (B) Her job (C) Her boyfriend (D) Her trip to Mexico
Whom does Maya consider a real father figure?(A) Uncle Willy (B) Mr. Freeman (C) Big Bailey (D) Daddy Clidell
What does Maya do before she slaps Dolores?(A) She warns her (B) She does a little dance (C) She gives her the middle finger (D) She scratches the car
Who makes Maya feel like an equal human being?(A) Mr. Donleavy (B) Miss Kirwin (C) Dr. Lincoln (D) Mrs. Cullinan
Blacks replace what ethnic minority in San Francisco during World War II?(A) Japanese (B) Germans (C) Chinese (D) Italians
What breakthrough does Maya achieve in San Francisco?(A) She becomes the first black student in her high school (B) She becomes the first black streetcar conductor (C) She becomes the first black valedictorian (D) She becomes the first black bus driver

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