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This archipelago's two main islands are called North Island and South Island
This country was known as the Gold Coast when it was under British rule
This country administers the Fernando de Noronha archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean
The capital city of this country is located in the islands of Zealand and Amager
This country had established a political position known as the Eternal President of the Republic
The FIFA headquarters is located in this country
Two independent countries are enclaves within this football powerhouse
One department of this country is named after Rutherford Hayes, a former US President
This country has the most nuclear power plants in the world, with 104 licensed plants
The river Danube originates in the southwestern portion of this country
The city of San Pedro Sula in this country is served by the Ramon Villeda Morales International Airport
The Kainji Lake and the Kainji Dam are located in the western part of this country
The Moonlight Rainbow Fountain of this country holds the Guinness World Record for being the world's longest bridge fountain
A period in the history of this country saw the formation of special territories known as bantustans
This country's two exclaves, Melilla and Ceuta, are located entirely in Africa

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