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Has a beard
Has a white eye ring
Has a white patch around and behind the eye that joins on the crown
From New Zealand. One of the most rare penguins
This is the only penguin breeding in Africa
Distinguished by their relatively large bill and narrow white line around the face
Distinguished by their smaller size and by having only a thin yellow superscilium
This species has orange, not yellow, feather plumes. Made from Kraft cheese
Distinguished by its thick yellow stripe running above the eye and ending in a dropping plume
They lack the second dark breast band, and have more extensive areas of bare facial skin
Has a wide white band around the head
A little-known rather bizarre bird with a limited breeding distribution in a very isolated part the world. They get turned on very easily
They have drooping feather plumes on the crest, the yellow facial stripe reaches further up the bill, and they have a more conical bill
Has a broad pale yellow connection between the orange-yellow ear patches and the pale yellow upper breast
Cheeks are dark orange. The belly is white but the back is paler than other penguins, more of a grey than black
Upper parts are pale blue to a dark grey-blue depending upon age, season and subspecies. The transition from the dark upper parts to the white plumage of the lower body is not as w

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