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Can you name the these questions from The Shawshank Redemption ?

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How many years did Red serve before being released on parole?
Who is Andy's third lady on the wall?
What is the name of the fake person Andy creates to launder the money through?
What is rule number one of Shawshank?
What is the song playing in the beginning while Andy is in the car performed by The Ink Spots?
What is the first item Andy asks Red to get him?
Who does Andy help to get his GED?
What city in Maine is the hayfield in that Red is supposed to visit?
Put your faith in the Lord, your ___ belongs to the warden.
Who is Andy's first lady on the wall?
What year did Red first come to Shawshank?
What year did Andy first come to Shawshank?
What year did Brooks first come to Shawshank?
Whose first line is, 'Are you gonna eat that?'
Who composed the opera that Andy plays over the loudspeakers?
Who is captain of the guards?
How long does Red say it would take a man to tunnel through the walls with the first item he gets Andy?
Who was on infirmary duty that told Heywood his fish had died?
What town in Mexico does Andy tell Red he plans to go to?
What was the name of Andy's wife's lover?
Who does Brooks threaten to kill in order to stay in prison?
How many yards of sewage pipe did Andy crawl through to reach his freedom?
From what opera does Andy play music over the loudspeakers?
Who is the only guilty man in Shawshank?
The person Andy helps to get his GED tells Andy about a man who may have killed his wife and her lover. What is his name?
Who is the leader of 'The Sisters'?
How long did Andy write letters to the State requesting funds for the library before they responded?
Who is Andy's second lady on the wall?
Andy was a VP of a large bank in what city?
What passage from the Bible (e.g. John 3:16) does Andy quote for the warden during the first cell toss?

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