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Slang term for 1,000 quid 
You could use this word for a tiny piece of salt, or sand 
You have a box in your car supposedly for these - I prefer to keep them on my hand 
Mother of Ronnie, Roxy and Danny on Eastenders 
It's pretty serious if you're buried in one of these... 
The surname of the American inventor who invented loads of things including the phonograph, the movie camera and a useful lightbulb 
Not being late for something might mean instead you are this! 
The answer to this question isn't difficult 
You can put these two letters in front of some word to show they aren't that any more 
The first language of about 350 million people 
This 4-letter word can mean: above, across, more, or 6 bowls in cricket 
A UK town with a famous university that publishes the most famous dictionary 
Both a fruit and a colour 
You can use this word to describe food that hasn't been grown with pesticides or other chemicals 
The informal name for the Academy Awards, given to people involved in films every year in Hollywood 
To save something from certain peril... 
The Latin word for 'king' - it appears in the name of a particularly vicious dinosaur, and is a common name for a dog 
If you can't afford something, you might instead do this, paying small amounts over time - but it won't actually belong to you 
Time, crime, chime, lime... they all 
The capital city of Italy 
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What you are doing with money if you play the Lottery, roulette or place a bet on a horse 
The name of a shop, or a year out that some people take between college and university 
Oxygen, carbon dioxide and water vapour are all types of... 
A short bald Indian man famous for his peaceful protests against the English 
A word to animals that are hunted or shot for meat (for example, deer), it's also something you play 
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You won't be able to lick it, however hard you try... 
British soap set in West Yorkshire... they once had a plane crash 
This word is an anagram of 'LIVE' 
A name for a small magical human-like creature... Santa supposedly has a few to help him out 
Where you're at right now 

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