Vampire Diaries Trivia (TV Series)

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What is Matt's sister's name?
In what town does the series take place?
By episode 21, which character's are in love with Elena?
What is the high school mascot?
Who are Elena's birth parents?
What is Katherine's last name?
What does Bonnie call her Grandmother?
What is Katherine's witch's name (and Bonnie's ancestor)?
Where do Stefan and Elena meet?
How did Elena's adopted parents die?
Who's father is the mayor?
What does Caroline's mother do?
What is the name of the history teacher who dies and is replaced my Alaric?
What is the name of the bar where everyone hangs out?
What are Elena's adopted parents' names?
Who kills Damon and Stefan's father?
Who is Anna's mother?
In what state does the series take place?
What is the name of the human who is running the Salvatore boarding house in the pilot episode?
What is Damon and Stefan's father's name?

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