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VerseSong TitleBand
So I wrecked your life what the heck/ My new found faith will Pay by check
We chase misprinted lies / We face the path of time
Planned a show Trees and balloons Ice cream snow See you in June
Just Like Roger he's a crazy little kid/ I've got the time if you've got the inclination/ So cheer up Palmer you'll soon be dead
Have you ever heard the story of Mr. Faded Glory/ Say he who rides a pony might someday fall
He's the one/ Who likes all the pretty songs/ And he likes to sing along/ And he likes to shoot his gun
I dont question our existence/ I just question our modern needs
Today love smiled on me/ It took away my pain, say please/ I'll let your ride be free
VerseSong TitleBand
I write a letter to a friend of mine/ And tell him how much I use to love to watch him smile/ See I haven't seen him smile in a little while
Are you locked up in a world thats been planned out for you/ Are you feelin like a social tool without a use
Isn't it strange that the man standing in front of me/ Doesn't have a clue why he's waiting or what he's waiting for
Oh, I will stand arems outstretched/ Pretend I'm free to roam/ Oh, I will make my way through one more day in/ Hell
You say that money isn't everything/ Oh, but I'd like to see you live without it
Take a bath I'll drink the water that you leave / If you should die before me ask if you could bring a friend
So, we're alone again / i wish it were over / we seem to never end
Because, some jealous punk/ Snuk up around the back/ Tried to take the lovin over me/ Lord I got/ Into a fist fight/ And wound up in jail all night

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