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Can you name the things about Spongebob you probably don't know?

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What is the name of Spongebob's main pet?I really hope u at least get this!
What is a skill that Spongebob does better than anyone else?Not jellyfishing. Take your time with it.
How many eyelashes per eye does Spongebob have?PER EYE! Not total amount.
What are the names of Spongebob's parents?Yea...I dare you to try and answer this WITHOUT GOOGLE! D:
How many years has Spongebob been on television?An anniversary has already been celebrated.
What street does Spongebob live on?I will accept the full address but I think most of us do not like Spongebob THAT much.
What is the name of Neptune's daughter?Yes the answer is found from the movie...
What is the name of the place 'weenies' go to?According to the show, Spongebob is in fact a 'weenie'. And I except both versions.
When Spongebob stayed in the tanning booth to long what was his 'tan' called?No not the color of him when Patrick poured caramel on him. Patrick rules...
During the theme song, what instrument does Spongebob play?The next generation of the flute!
What was the Krusty Krab before it was a restraurant?It was called the Rusty Krab if that helps.
What was being celebrated in the Spongebob Squarepants movie but never appeared afterwards?Spongebob was definitely more excited than anyone else.
In 'My Pretty Seahorse', Spongebob tried to tame a wild seahorse but let it go. What is this seahorse's name?A classic episode but it'll take some thinking it's so far back.
What was SpongeBob going to name the seahorse?Yes I mean the name she didn't get but Spongebob's other favorite choice
What unique feature does Spongebob's tie have?You'll never guess it. Here's a hint: 'what do people wear that a dog does?' and take something that the answer to this has.
FINAL QUESTION!: What was Spongebob's name originally supposed to be?Thanks for playing!!!

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