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Can you name the facebook status updates of characters in Romeo and Juliet?

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Why am I always in the middle of things? The girl I serve has me tangled up in her mess.
Why are these two scumbags at my party? I swear one day I will kill one of them.
So I want to marry a 13 year old? My wealth and power makes all the girls melt.
Dude my bro is depressed cuz of some chick. Taking him to a party tonight to try and cheer him up
There's a hot girl on a balcony. Maybe I will marry her tomorrow or die for her...either one sounds good.
About to marry some young kids. Godspeed and Jesus take the wheel.
I think my daughter died because of me.
So I may start a fight or two...and if you ask me for tomorrow you shall find me a grave man
I am young and in love. And will marry a man I just met. YOLO.
My son worries me sometimes
Gotta deliver a letter to Romeo in Mantua. Don't think I am going to make it there though.
This young kid just bought some poison from me. Hope he doesn't die from it.
I know what is best for my daughter and marrying Paris is what is best for her.
The grief of my son's banishment is too much to handle.
As the Prince of Verona if I have to stop one more brawl...I swear...
Romeo is my bro and I don't want to tell him of his girl's death

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