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what did Amy teach her monkey to do?
who was Stuart's partner in the card tournament at the comic store?
what city is Raj from?
which actress was Sheldon's least favorite catwoman?
which NFL team is Leonard watching when he is trying to learn football?
What is the last name of the professor that visits sheldon,and sleeps with Leonard?
when Howard goes to the tattoo parlor with the goth girls,what does he want a tattoo with originally?
what were Leonard,Sheldon,Raj and Howard doing while Penny was watching football?
what superhero shirt is Captain Sweatpants wearing when Penny first sees him?
what happens to Howard's mother when she finds out that he is marrying Bernadette?
what does Sheldon want the name of the bowling team to be when Will Wheaton shows up?
where has Leonard actually been getting Sheldon's cashew chicken from?
what kind of kite does Howard give to Raj as an apology gift?
where do Raj,Howard,Leonard,and Sheldon go for 3 months?
what kind of animal was Mrs.Riley's pet that chased Sheldon up a tree as a child?

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