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FMLHistorical Figure / EventPlace & Date
Today, I was preparing for battle. Turns out we are more outnumbered than I thought. FMLGreece - August 7, 480 BC
Today, the boat everyone said was unsinkable went to sea. It sunk. FMLAtlantic Ocean - April 14, 1912
Today, I arrived at St Helena. And I thought Elba was bad. FML.St Helena - October 5, 1815
Today, I thought I'd try to go out and be a bit more cultured. The theatre was a bad choice. FMLUSA - April 14, 1865
Today, it was announced I would be king. My uncle Richard told me the afterparty was in the Tower. FMLUK - April 30, 1483
Today, I finally decided to mail that letter I've been meaning to send. FMLIreland - April 24, 1916
Today, I finally finished renovating my bedroom in Potala. Then the Chinese turned up. FMLChina - March 30, 1959
Today, I went to the Moon. I drew the short straw and had to stay inside. FMLSpace - July 20, 1969
Today, Hitler invaded Poland. He told me he was happy with Czechoslovakia. FMLUK - September 1, 1939
Today, I heard there was a bread shortage amongst the peasants. I suggested they should try something sweeter. FMLFrance - June 10, 1789

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