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What food does Galadriel give to the fellowship in Lorien
Who picks up the Palantir at Isengard
Who is Denethors father
What is the name of the 2nd beacon lit in Gondor prior to the battle of Minas Tirith
Who finishes bilbo's book
What is the type of tree that grows from the seed given from Galadriel to Sam
What was the name of the battering ram of Mordor used on the gate of Minas Tirith
Who did Treebeard leave Pippin and Merry with during the Entmoot
Who was the inn keeper at the Prancing Pony
Who was Tom Bombadils wife
Who was the Wizard who was associated with animals and nature
Who was 2nd in command of the nazkul
Which lady of Gondor said 'The hands of the king are the hands of a healer'?
Which character handed Theoden the sword after he was released from Saruman's spell?
Which elf met frodo in the shire?
What monument/feature did Aragorn summon the 'dead' to?
What is the name of the great statues on the Anduin
What word did Gandalf say to open the west gate of Moria?
what is the word for the wooden platforms in the trees in Lothlorien?
what was the name of the marshes where Sam named the cricket like creatures 'neekerbreekers'?

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