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Can you name the Real Housewives (nyc & nj)?

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Old ****' old lady with your fake and square tits!
Holy Inappropriateness!
She looked like an alien invaded her body. She walked like a robot with her neck sticking out like a giraffe and her eyes bulging.
Satchels of gold
Prostitution ****!
You’re a smart girl. You have a hot body. I’m not thinking about you when I’m having sex, but ,you know.
Oh my god, Al Sharpton! Al Sharpton! No, put your hair up! It’s Al Sharpton!
Let me tell you something about my family. We are as thick as thieves and we protect each other til the end.
Money can’t buy you class.
You think you got me pregnant?!?
I sat at home alone throwing up with diarrhea for three week because of you!
When I said you were garbage, I meant you were garbage.
You are a mean girl and you are in high school. And while you are in high school I am in Brooklyn trying to survive in this economy!

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