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QUIZ: Can you name the Profile: Hillary Clinton A-Z?

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First Lady of... (State)A
Committee served on as SenatorE
First city of residence with husbandF
1964 Presidential campaign she volunteered forG
Failed reform during beginning of Husband's administrationH
State of originI
Appointed by this President to serve on the board of the Legal Services Corporation (First Name)J
Succeeded Hillary as Senator (First Name)K
Memoir TitleL
Religious AffiliationM
Senator from...N
Past rival turned current boss (Last name)O
In 2008, competed to be on the Democratic Ticket for this officeP
90% Liberal __________, according to Americans for Democratic ActionQ
Maiden NameR
Current Office HeldS
In 2008, won California, New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts on this day of the week.T
First Lady of...(Country)U
Organization launched with Madeleine AlbrightV
'________________ are human rights'W
Favorite TV show (jk)X
Law School attendedY
Hillary's is ScorpioZ

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