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Dumbledore's Brother
Harry's Favorite Beverage
Hermione's Cat
Severing Charm
First Name of the Driver of the Night Bus
Charms Teacher
Hagrid's Half Brother
Nearest Wizarding Village to Hogwarts
Winning Country Of the Quidditch World Cup (Goblet of Fire)
Harry's First Son
The Black family's House Elf
Spell Which produces a narrow beam of light
Insulting term for a wizard/witch with non-magical parents
Harrys First Broom
Ludo Bagman's Brother
Poltergeist at Hogwarts
Rita Skeeter's writing device
Boggart Banishing Spell
Harry's Quidditch Position
Neville's Toad
Harry's Fifth Defence Against The Dark Arts teacher
What the Death Eaters used to get into Hogwarts (book 6)
Barty Crouch Snr's House Elf
Luna's Father
Death Eater
Joke Shop

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