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Can You Name The Pictured Horror Movies Starting With L or #

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1960 #.William Castle
1972 L.Wes Craven
1973 L.John Hough
1985 L.Tobe Hooper
1986 L.Frank Oz
1987 L.Joel Schumacher
1988 #.Robert Englund
1990 L.Jeff Burr
1993 L.Mark Jones
1995 L.Clive Barker
1999 L.Steve Miner
2002 #.Danny Boyle
2005 L.George A. Romero
2005 #.Tim Sullivan (Thailand)
2007 #.David Slade
2007 #.Mikael Hafstrom
2008 L.Tomas Alfredson (Sweden)
2008 #.Eric Red (South Korea)
2009 L.Robert Hall
2009 L.Travis Betz
2010 L.Daniel Stamm
2010 L.Matt Reeves
2011 L.Eduardo Sanchez (UK)
2012 L.Rob Zombie (Russia)
2012 #.Christopher Ray (Video)

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