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1934 1.Edgar G. Ulmer
1935 2.James Whale
1956 3.Mervyn LeRoy
1959 4.Roger Corman
1962 5.Sidney Hayers
1963 6.Mario Bava (Italian)
1963 7.Alfred Hitchcock
1972 8.William Crain
1974 9.Bob Clark
1976 10.Dan Curtis
1976 11.Joel M. Reed
1979 12.David Cronenberg
1980 13.Ulli Lommel
1987 14.Jackie Kong
1988 15.Chuck Russell
1989 16.Mike Cribben
1992 17.Peter Jackson
1993 18.John Carpenter, Tobe Hooper, Larry Sulkis(uncredited)(TV Movie)
1993 19.Abel Ferrara
1994 20.John Flynn
1996 21.Gilbert Adler
1998 22.Stephen Norrington
1999 23. Daniel Myrick, Eduardo Sanchez
2003 24.Brian Yuzna (Spain)
2005 25.Anthony C. Ferrante (Singapore)
2006 26.William Friedkin
2007 27.Robert Kurtzman (Philippines)
2010 28.James Nguyen
2011 29. Mick Garris (TV Movie)
2012 30.Barry Levinson

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