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Can you name the 'R' Horror Movie Pictured

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1966John Gilling
1968Roman Polanski
1975Jack Starrett
1976John Mccauley
1977David Cronenberg
1984Russell Mulcahy
1985Dan O'Bannon
1985Stuart Gordon
1987Bill Froehlich
1988Emmanuel Kervyn
1989Pericles Lewnes
1990Philip Ridley (UK)
1991 2 possible answersDan O'Bannon
1997Peter Hyams
1998Hideo Nakata (Japan)
1999David DeCoteau as Joseph Tennant (France)(Video)
1999Antonia Bird
2002Craig R. Baxley (Mini Series)
2005Dave Payne
2006Rubi Zack (Spain) (Video)
2007Jaime Balaguero, Paco Plaza (Spain)
2008Darren Lynn Bousman (Czech Rep.)
2008Carter Smith
2010Quentin Dupieux (France)
2011Kevin Smith (UK)

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