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1931Tod Browning
1941Victor Fleming
1963Francis Ford Coppola
1977 made (2003 released)George Barry
1978George A. Romero
1979Abel Ferrara
1980Robert Hammer
1981James Bryan
1984Edmund Purdom (United Kingdom)
1985George A. Romero
1992Manny Coto
1993Charles Band (Video)
1994Michele Soavi (Italy)
1996Brian Yuzna
1999Renny Harlin
2002Hideo Nakata (Japan)
2005Neil Marshall
2005Rob Zombie
2007Dario Piana (Turkey)
2009Sam Raimi
2010Kevin Munroe
2010Troy Nixey
2011Joseph Kahn
2012Tim Burton
2013Scott Stewart

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