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QUIZ: Can you name the A-Z Horror Movie Pictures Sequels/Remakes(Hard)

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1983 A.Richard Fleischer
1989 B.Brian Yuzna
1991 C.Jack Bender
1986 D.Lamberto Bava
1977 E.John Boorman
1982 F.Steve Miner
2008 G.Silvia St. Croix
1988 H.Dwight H. Little
2010 I.Steven R. Monroe
2003 J.Victor Salva
2010 K.John Lechago (Video)
1995 L.Brian Trenchard-Smith (Video)
1994 M.Jimmy Lifton
1990 N.Tom Savini
1981 O.Graham Baker
1994 P.Don Coscarelli
2011 Q.John Pogue
1988 R.Ken Wiederhorn
1987 S.Lee Harry
1990 T.Claudio Fragasso
2006 U.Len Wiseman
2008 V.Eric Bross (Video)
2007 W.Joe Lynch (Video)
1995 X.Harry Bromley Davenport
1974 Y. Mel Brooks (Adaptation, not sequel/remake)
1988 Z.Lucio Fulci

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