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Can you name the A-Z Horror Movie Pics. 2 (Hard)?

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1997 A.Luis Llosa
1981 B.Tony Maylam
1982 C.George A. Romero
1987 D.Stuart Gordon
1988 E.James Signorelli
1981 F.Tobe Hooper
1984 G.Joe Dante
1986 H.Robert Harmon
1990 I.Tommy Lee Wallace
1996 J.Michael Cooney
2000 K.Craig Ross Jr.
1992 L.Brett Leonard
1986 M.Stephen King
1987 N. Kathryn Bigelow
2008 O.Eric Valette
1987 P.John Carpenter
2002 Q.Paul Goldman, Michael Rymer
1987 R.Larry Cohen
1982 S.Amy Holden Jones
1989 T. (video)Andrew Gordon
1988 U.Camilo Vila
1983 V.David Cronenberg
1986 W.Kevin Tenney
1990 X.Harry Bronley Davenport
2011, 2013 Y.Adam Wingard
2008. Z.Jay Lee

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