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1971 1.Robert Fuest
1978 2.John De Bello
1979 3.Ridley Scott
1979 4.Stuart Rosenberg
1980 5.Ken Russell
1981 6.John Landis
1982 7.Jack Sholder
1986 8.Fred Walton
1987 9.Lucio Fulci (Italy)
1988 10.John Hough
1992 11.Sam Raimi
1995 12.Abel Ferrara
1999 13.Takashi Miike (Japan)
2001 14.Jack Sholder (Spain)
2003 15.Ki-hyeong Park (South Korea)
2005 16.Jeremy Kasten
2005. 17. (2 possible answers)Philip Cruz
2005 18. Courtney Solomon
2006 19. (released in 2013)Jonathan Levine
2008 20.Adam Gierasch (Singapore)
2011 21.Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego
2011 22.Nick Murphy (UK)
2012 23.Jen Soska, Sylvia Soska (UK)
2012 24.Many Directors (UK)

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