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Can you name the 5 Best Horror Movies Each Year From 2001-2005(PICS)

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YEAR(contains sequels)AnswerDIRECTOR
2001 1.Brad Anderson (Italy)
2001 2.Stuart Gordon (Spain)
2001 3.Steve Beck
2001 4.J.S. Cardonce
2001 5.Jim Isaac
2002 1.Danny Boyle
2002 2.Neil Marshall (UK)
2002 3.Gore Verbinski
2002 4.Eli Roth
2002 5.Pang Brothers (Hong Kong)
2002 6.Lucky Mckee (Denmark)
2002 7.Paul W.S. Anderson
2002 8.Craig Baxley
2002 9.Hideo Nakata (Japan)
2002 10.Guillermo del Toro
YEAR(contains sequels)AnswerDIRECTOR
2003 1.Ronny Yu
2003 2.Marcus Nispel
2003 3.Rob Zombie
2003 4.Len Wiseman
2003 5.Rob Schmidt
2004 1.Edgar Wright
2004 2.James Wan
2004 3.Zack Snyder
2004 4.Jay Chandrasekhar
2004 5.Takashi Shimizo
2005 1.Scott Derrickson
2005 2.Rob Zombie
2005 3.Eli Roth
2005 4.George A. Romero
2005 5.Andrew Douglas

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