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1980 I.Dario Argento
1981 W.Michael Wadleigh
1982 P.Tobe Hooper
1983 C.John Carpenter
1984 G.Joe Dante
1985 D.Lamberto Bava
1986 A.James Cameron
1987 H.Clive Barker
1988 P.Stan Winston
1989 I.Scott Spiegel
1990 R.Bob Logan
1991 P.Mark Herrier
1992 C.Bernard Rose
1993 C.Guillermo del Toro
1994 W.Mike Nichols
1995 S.Roger Donaldson
1996 S.Wes Craven
1997 M.Guillermo del Toro
1998 P.Gus Van Sant
1999 A.Takashi Miike (Japan)
2000 C.Tobe Hooper
2001 D.Stuart Gordon (Spain)
2002 W.Danny Graves, Richard Wenk (France)
2003 W.Glen Morgan
2004 S.James Wan
2005 B.Stephen Kay
2006 F.Andrew Currie (Canada)
2007 H.Rob Zombie
2008 O.Steven R. Monroe
2009 S.Rob Stefaniuk
2010 G.Jeffery Lando
2011 T.Francis Ford Coppola (Belgium)
2012 S.Michael J. Gallagher
2013 C.Kimberly Peirce

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