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QUIZ: Can you name the 25 Zombie-ish Movies(PICS)

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1985 1.Dan O'Bannon
1968 2.George A. Romero
1978 3.George A. Romero
2004 4.Edgar Wright
1986 5.Fred Dekker
1992 6.Sam Raimi
1989 7.Mary Lambert
1992 8.Peter Jackson
1984 9.Thom Eberhardt
1985 10.Stuart Gordon
1994 11.Michele Soavi (Italian)
2009 12.Ruben Fleischer
2004 13.Zack Snyder
1990 14.Tom Savini
2006 15.Andrew Currie (Canada)
1981 16.Lucio Fulci (Italian)
2012 17. Drew Goddard
1981 18.Lucio Fulci (Italian)
1980 19.Lucio Fulci (Italian)
2009 20.Tommy Wirkola (Norway)
1932 21.Victor Halperin
2012 22.Jeremy Gardner
1943 23.Jacques Tourneur
2013 24.Marc Foster
2002 25.Paul W.S Anderson

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