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Can you name the Zelda games based on bosses that you fight in them?

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Forced Order
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Barinade, Bongo Bongo, Twinrova
Knucklemaster, Slalblind, Zaganaga
Helmasaur King, Kholdstare, Vitreous
Scaldera, Tentalus, Bilocyte
Goronu, Harlequin, Glutko
Gleerok, Mazaal, Gyorg pair
Odolwa, Goht, Twinmold
Llort, Malmord, Warbane
Mothula, Medusa Head, Onox
Blizzagia, Prismantus, The Lady
Three Witches, Hektan, Omfak
Horsehead, Carock, Barba
Genie, Angler Fish, Facade
Dera Zol, Gouen, Vaati
Volga, The Imprisoned, Argorok
Captain Stalfos, Dora Dora, Grand Rupee
Cyclok, Diabolical Cubus Sisters, Eox
Fraaz, Phytops, Skeldritch
Phantom Ganon, Big Poe, Frostare
Kalle Demos, Jalhalla, Molgera
Pumpkin Head, Smog, Plasmarine
Manhandla, Patra, Ganon
Fyrus, Blizzeta, Armogohma

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