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Can you name the Kirby games based on bosses that you fight in them?

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Forced Order
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The Claykken, Hooplagoon, Dark Crafter
Paint Roller, Kracko, Drawcia
Fangora, Squashini, Capamari
HR-H, Magman, Pix
Masked Dedede, Wham Bam Jewel, Galacta Knight
Flowery Woods, Paintra, Coily Rattler
Acro, Ado, Pon & Con
Sweet Stuff, Nruff & Nelly, Ice Dragon
Fatty Whale, Chameleo Arm, Heavy Lobster
King Golem, Mega Titan, Gobbler
Mr. Dooter, Grand Doomer, HR-D3
Mecha Kracko, Yadogaine, Bohboh
Holo Defense API, Susie, Mecha Knight
Squishy, Kabula, Brobo
Lady Ivy, Skullord, Necrodeus

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