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Who first took on the communal monastic lifestyle?
what is the name of the class above the lord?
which bishop led missionaries into viking territories?
what is the peasant class called?
who first began the lifestyle of solitary monasticism?
who built many monasteries in pagan Ireland?
a distinctive garb of a man or woman dating back to the beginning of monasticism
What does 'ora et labora' mean?
What are the two terms for: lived alone, mostly in deserts/solitary monasticism
What does 'barbarian' mean?
what does 'viking' mean?
Who was the last strong Byzantine Emperor?
who was the 'apostle to germany'
communal monastic lifestyle
where was charlemagne crowned?
Comes from 'shoulder'
who crowned charlemagne?
what is the name of the class above the landlord?
what is the political system used in the dark ages to provide stability and protection for its members?
what are the monastic vows? (no commas or and's)
who was the historian monk who never traveled?
Who founded a double monastery in Kildare?
who was crowned king of the franks (by boniface)?
Definition of 'monos'
What is the phrase meaning 'supreme pontiff'
what church holiday was charlemagne crowned on?
Who was the leader of the barbarians?
Christian teaching to deny one's self
what is the name of the class above the serfs?
Arab prophet-wrote koran

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