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A woman stabs Ducky after realizing he 'killed her brother' in what country?
What was Tony's alias when he goes undercover to investigate La Grenouille?
La Grenouille translates to what?
What is Abby's favorite drink?
One of Gibb's ex-wives remarried his long time friend from the FBI who was named waht?
Abby's tattoo on her neck is of what?
When Tony takes control of the team occasionally, his method of brainstorming is known as what?
Gibb's 'office' is located where?
In the third season, Tony and Ziva go undercover as two assains know as what?
Tony's nickname for McGee is what?
A model was found dead on a Marine base while filming what reality tv show?
Abby's assisstant that framed DiNozzo and tried to kill Abby was named what?
In the episode 'Dead Man Walking,' Ziva shares a connection with fellow jogger Roy Sanders who wears a hat of what color?
In season five, Gibbs and his team are sent to investigate a murder on a deserted ship that is known as what?
In the season five episode 'Dog Tags,' Abby tries to prove a dog's innocence and names him what?
The CIA agent that the team frequently works with but is untrusting of is named what?
At the end of season 5, Tony is relocated to what naval ship?
At the beginning of season 6, Agent Lee shoots and kills who?
In season 6, who stole and ate Abby's chocolate cupcake?
Gibbs is from what state?
During a flashback, it is revealed that Gibbs met his wife in Pennsylvania at what location?
In the episode 'Jetlag,' Ziva states she had killed a man with only what item?
Gibbs sees Ziva on the news after a bomb exploded at a bar in what counrty?
Dr. Mallard's assisstant Jimmy Palmer is named after a pitcher from what Major League Baseball team?
Ducky lived with his mother and four dogs of what breed?
Gibbs says that he doesn't believe in what?

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