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Can you name the answers to the following Nickelodeon trivia questions?

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What was the name of Arnold's pig in 'Hey! Arnold'It's not Babe
Who loves orange soda?The name of the show might give it away
'Is it true?No, he's not getting married
Name one of the three 'Greaser Dogs' that bullied CatdogThe fat one, the skinny one, or the girl one
What state was Sammy 'Squid' from in 'Rocket Power'No ocean where he's from
Which of Clarissa's friends frequently entered her bedroom window using a ladder?As soon as the ladder hit the window, she would say his name
What was the name of the main character who could talk to animals in in 'The Wild Thornberrys'I'll bet her favorite musical is 'PIGmalion'
What was the name of the talking rock head in 'Legends of the Hidden Temple'?Please lower your gates
Who was the shiny-toothed singing sensation that occasionally appeared in the 'Fairly Oddparents'?Okay, not joking he was voiced by Chris Kirkpatrick
What former Olympian hosted the game show 'Figure it Out'?She earned a gold medal for swimming....that probably doesn't help though
What was the name of Jimmy Neutron's robotic dog?He's named after the 'Father of Rocketry'
What is the last name of Spongebob's friend Sandy?'I hope she means my face!'
What was the name of Tommy Pickles' dog in 'Rugrats'They really got creative with this one
What was the name of Rocko's dog in 'Rocko's Modern Life'?The name fits him well
What was the name of Gumby's horse?The name is similar to a well-known Facebook Application
What was the name of Doug's dog in 'Doug'?Mmmmmmm......
What 'All That' star did the sketches, The Loud Librarian and Vital InformationShe also played the fat cheerleader in 'Dodgeball'
What was the name of the summer camp in 'Salute Your Shorts'? Must be spelled correctly

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