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QUIZ: Can you name the 'Kangaroo Words' from their Joey?

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Joey Word Kangaroo WordHint (# of letters in Kangaroo Word)
RestI'm gonna spite you again....or to take a break (7)
SpotA large, irregular spot (7)
TutorThe person who teaches you first, before you need the tutor (10)
RainIncludes rain, snow, sleet, hail, etc... (13)
Fed or AteAte like a King yesterday (7)
Male or ManIn Spanish, they add O's just for guys...the girl's get an 'A' (9)
SeeRogen's mall cop movie....just the first word of it though (7)
DameMore like Rapunzel, less like Judi Dench (6)
DeadNicholson's movie...there's lots of dead people in the end (8)
CocoaMore commonly known as..... (9)
Joey Word Kangaroo WordHint (# of letters in Kangaroo Word)
RageTo move about violently....or an old-school video game (7)
MatesPieces of wood with some phosphorus on the end of them (7)
UglyNot really the best way to describe a blind person (9)
RuleOfficiate or govern under rule (8)
ConAnother name for lying or deceiving......gotcha! (9)
SueIts what a lawyer does...if they're not defending (9)
CutYou can use clay, stone, marble... (6)
RuinComplete annihilation (11)
EarlySome babies just can't wait for the full nine months (11)
SinJust a really long word for's not trespasses, but similar (13)

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