Lectionary Verses, Pentecost +22

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Can you name the lectionary based memory verses for Pentecost +22?

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Verse & Number of WordsMemorized ScripturePrayer in Response to Scripture
Mark 10:52. 13 words beginning with ''Go'' or last 4 words beginning with ''he received''.Thank you that faith in Jesus can heal those of us who seek to receive healing. Prayer for Mark 10:52
Hebrews 7:25. 21 words beginning with ''He is able'' or last 5 words beginning with ''lives to''.Thank you that we may come to you through Jesus, and that Jesus intercedes for us. Prayer for Hebrews 7:25
Job 42:2. 12 words beginning with ''You can'' or last 7 words beginning with ''no plan''.We praise you that no plan of yours can be thwarted. Prayer for Job 42:2
Psalm 34:8. 17 words beginning with ''Taste'' or last 7 words beginning with ''the man''.Thank you for the blessings that come to those of us who take refuge in you. Prayer for Psalm 34:8

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