7 Memory Verses, April 2010

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Can you name the memory verses, April 2010?

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Genesis 3:6, When the woman...''the woman''=Eve; 31 words or last 6 words
Joshua 1:9, ''The Lord your God....''''You''=Joshua; 11 words or last 3 words
Psalm 119:11, I have hidden''Your''=''O Lord'' (vs. 12); 15 words or last 6 words
Psalm 119:105, Your word is''Your''=''O Lord'' (vs. 107); 14 words or last 4 words
John 14:3, ''I will come back....''''I''=Jesus; 19 words or last 7 words
John 14:16, ''I will ask....''''I''=Jesus; 21 words or last 3 words
John 21:16, Jesus said, ''Simon....''Simon a.k.a. Peter; 29 words or last 5 words

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