7 Memory Verses, Dec 2010

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Can you name the memory verses, December 2010?

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book, chapter, verse, first wordsNIV Scriptureword; note
Exodus 3:12 > God said, I will be''with''; 7 words or last 2 words
Isaiah 40:1 > Comfort, comfort my''comfort''; 7 words or last 3 words
Isaiah 58:6 > Is it not to share your''provide''; it=''fasting''; 18 words or last 6 words
Isaiah 58:10 > If you spend yourselves''light''; 24 words or last 8 words
Luke 2:11 > Today in the town of''born''; 18 words or last 5 words
2 Corinthians 2:15 > We are to God''aroma''; 19 words or last 4 words
James 1:27 > Religion that our Father''distress''; 20 words or last 8 words

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