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Who uploaded their log on April 10th, 2014?
Who threw their camera after being told that it was water proof
What song is this: '난 널 몰라 또 넌 날 몰라 제발 닥쳐주겠니'
Who do netizens say that V looks similar with?
What was Rap Monster's underground rapper stage name?
What was their debut album?
Who did Rap Monster say that he wanted to be with in Celebrity Bromance?
How many jump ropes did Jimin, V and Jungkook in total?
Who invited V to join 'Finding Jungkook 2'?
In what BangtanTV video did Jimin criticize Suga about using his fingers too much?
Who sings this part: '알았어 엄마, 지금 독서실 간다니까'
Who came out in the first video BangtanTV uploaded?
Which artist influenced Suga to do hip hop?
What is the name of BTS' main comic?
What show was Rap Monster on that Park Kyung replaced shortly after?
What is Jimin and V's nickname
Who reviews BTS' albums and uploads it into their YouTube?
When is Young Forever's release date
Who started the famous saying, 'Jimin, you got no jams.'
When was the song 'Dope' released?
In what episode of Bangtan Gayo did Jungkook dance Bang Bang Bang?
What did Jin eat on the Eat Jin where Jungkook was featured?
Who got scared the most in 'let's test BTS' nerves'?
Who danced and sang to Psy's Daddy in Inkigayo?
What is BTS' 2nd Mini Album?
When is V's birthday?

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