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Can you name the answers to these 'equations' based upon where each president is chronologically ?

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Forced Order
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George W Bush - George HW Bush
Abraham Lincoln + John Tyler
Barack Obama\John Adams
Woodrow Wilson - James Madison
Jimmy Carter - George Washington x Abe Lincoln
Thomas Jefferson^2
William McKinley^1/2
Ronald Reagan/John Adams
James Madison^2+(Thomas Jefferson+Martin Van Buren)
John Quincy Adams\John Adams + James Madison
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George Washington + John Adams + Thomas Jefferson
George Washington^2 + James Polk x Thomas Jefferson
Barack Obama/James Madison+JohnAdams
Gerald Ford - John Quincy Adams + James Monroe
Zachary Taylor + Chester Arthur
Andrew Johnson + Rutherford B Hayes
(Warren Harding - Woodrow Wilson) x James Madison
Bill Clinton/John Quincy Adams + Andrew Jackson
Ulysses S Grant - Herbert Hoover + Franklin Roosevelt
James Buchanan^0

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