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Basic DescriptionPlaceSome Extra Info
Nordic country Often lumped in with Scandinavia
Oceania island that houses two nationsThe island itself is not a country, as some think
Two provinces that house Amsterdam and RotterdamPart of, but NOT SYNONYMOUS, with The Netherlands
Monaco city known for casinosMistaken as the capital
A city with a famous opera house Mistaken as Australia's capital
England, Wales, and Scotland A major portion of, but not the entirety of, the UK
Home of the CN TowerNOT Canada's capital
A borough of New York CityIt was, but no longer is, its own city
The 13th US stateActually has land borders with two states
Basic DescriptionPlaceSome Extra Info
The southernmost US stateAll southerners don't say 'Hey y'all'
The easternmost US stateIt's not in the eastern time zone
Dikembe Mutombo's homelandIt hasn't been Zaire for a while
Serbia, Croatia, et alSome still use this name, no longer in existence as a nation
Speaking of non-existant nations, Prague is its capitalIt became two nations during the 'Velvet Revolution'
State that legally claims 80% of Ellis Island's landAnd the Giants and Jets
A group of seven nations ending with an isthmusNorth America is more than 'the big 3'
Continent that houses polar bearsI didn't ask about Penguins

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