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Can you name the 80's movies in which each actor/actress appeared together?

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Actor/Actress80s MovieActor/Actress
Tom HanksCarrie Fisher
Dan AykroydCarrie Fisher
Dan AykroydChevy Chase
Geena DavisChevy Chase
Geena DavisJeffrey Jones
Charlie SheenJeffrey Jones
Charlie SheenTom Berenger
Tom CruiseTom Berenger
Tom CruiseJames Tolkan
Christopher LloydJames Tolkan
Christopher LloydMichael Keaton
Kim BasingerMichael Keaton
Kim BasingerRobert Redford
Meryl StreepRobert Redford
Meryl StreepKevin Kline
Kevin CostnerKevin Kline
Kevin CostnerJames Earl Jones
Eddie MurphyJames Earl Jones
Eddie MurphyJudge Reinhold
Actor/Actress80s MovieActor/Actress
Forest WhitakerJudge Reinhold
Forest WhitakerRobin Williams
Shelley DuvallRobin Williams
Shelley DuvallJack Nicholson
John LithgowJack Nicholson
John LithgowKevin Bacon
Steve MartinKevin Bacon
Steve MartinRick Moranis
John CandyRick Moranis
John CandyBill Murray
Karen AllenBill Murray
Karen AllenHarrison Ford
Jonathan Ke QuanHarrison Ford
Jonathan Ke QuanCorey Feldman
Kiefer SutherlandCorey Feldman
Kiefer SutherlandEmilio Estevez
Paul GleasonEmilio Estevez
Paul GleasonAlexander Godunov
Tom HanksAlexander Godunov

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