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QUIZ: Can you name the Questions-How to Train your Dragon BOOK Series??

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What is the name of Hiccups arch Nemesis
What is the native tongue of the Dragons
Was it a Flashmaster, and was Hiccups Bardiguard
Who is the Chief of the Hairy Hooligans
Who is the heir to the Bog Burglars
What book retells the Quest to the isle of the Skullions
What is Hiccups Full name
What do the dragons call the Viking language ( Norse )
Who is the chief of the Murderous tribe
What is the island called where the Hysteric tribe live.
What breed of hunting dragon can the Chiefs son only have
Who protects the inside of the Meathead Public Library
Which dragon guarded the Wrath of Thor
What is the Green Death
Hiccups hunting dragon, Toothless, is of what special breed

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