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A) A function that returns the positive value of its argument
B) A complete linear space with a norm defined on it
C) Behavior of Cauchy sequences in a complete metric space
D) Computing the slope of a function
E) A scalar c such that Ax = cx, where A is a matrix and x is a vector
F) Expression a function as a linear combination of trig functions
G) Relates line integrals to double integrals in a plane
H) A complete linear space with an inner product defined on it
I) Gives the area under a curve
J) A determinant of partial derivatives
K) Function on natural numbers i,j that equals 1 when i = j and 0 when i and j are distinct
L) An operator L such that L(ax + by) = aL(x) + bL(y)
M) An array of numbers
N) A subspace of vectors x such that Ax = 0
O) Used to describe two vectors whose inner product is zero
P) The addition of the first n terms in a series
Q) Formula for finding roots of polynomials of degree 2
R) Converges to a definite integral as its maximum partition goes to zero
S) Relates a surface integral to a line integral
T) Can be used to express some functions as a power series
U) The set of all elements in two or more sets
V) A mathematical object that has both magnitude and direction
W) Used to determine if functions are linearly independent
X) The horizontal line along y = 0
Y) A point along a curve in a plane where x = 0
Z) The real number that is neither positive nor negative

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