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Can you name the Ultimate Venture Brothers Characters?

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Guild of Calamitous Intent Member
The Sovereign 
The Shows Primary Antagonist 
His wife 
His real number 1 henchman 
1st of 2 former murderous moppets 
2nd of 2 former murderous moppets 
1st of 2 In charge of Guild communiques 
2nd of 2 In charge of Guild communiques 
Came to the wedding 'stag' 
Invisible and jealous of the 'fire themed' antagonist 
Sodomized Vince Neal and dying of lung cancer 
Also a lawyer 
Original Team Venture
Comparable to Dr. Quest, whereabouts unknown 
His bodyguard 
A Super Soldier 
A reference to Allan Quatermain and James Bond (both portrayed by Sean Connery) 
Died in the Sargasso (and a reference to David Bowie) 
First suffered from supergigantism and now suffers from being shrunken 
The caveman on the team 
Team Venture 1
Father of the shows 'main' characters 
Toe headed screw up son 
The son more likely to be a super scientist 
Reformed pedophile and Guild Member 
Half-Brother to the shows title characters (believes hes the son of a former bodyguard) 
Family robot 
Team Venture 2
Twin eaten in the womb 
Former ghost pirate 
Formerly married to a 'fantastically stretchy' character 
Her retarded and calloused cousin 
Order of the Triad
Magic User who lives on the Compound 
His description is his name, voiced by Dana Snyder (Master Shake) 
Blackula hunter 
Brought to life from a Star Wars trading card 
Conjectural Technologies
A hydrocephalic quiz-man 
His albino best friend former host of 'The White Room' 
Office of Secret Intelligence
Leader of OSI 
1st of 2 Secret Agents that first appeared in Season 3 
2nd of 2 Secret Agents that first appeared in Season 3 
Action 5 Team Member
Reminiscent of both Michael Jackson and Batman 
Name is his description (also the weatherbot) 
S.P.H.I.N.X. Member
Head of S.P.H.I.N.X. 
His protege and former Venture 'mule' 
Also known as Holy Diver 
His former lover and brother in Christ 
Revenge Society Member
Former GoCI 2nd in Command and head of the Revenge Society 
A coffee cup 
A toaster 
A shoe, that once belonged to a female character on the show 
Former Venture Boys Brigade Membe 
Exiled by Girl Hitler 
His birthday present in college 
Gentleman's Guild Member (The Original Guild)
Original possessor of ORB  
His Bodyguard 
Hero and grandfather of the head of the revenge society  
Samuel Clemens 
English Occultist 
Wrote the Portrait of Dorian Gray, name spelled and 'ye olde english way' 

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