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QUIZ: Name a New England state that fits the following conditions

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Does not have an Ivy league School
Does not have a capital with duplicate vowels
Once had a Big 4 Sports team, but no longer (since 1900)
Has an FBS NCAA team
Does not have a city/town named Manchester
Has the highest point in New England
Borders a non-New England State
Has a capital with a population over 100,000
Did not have a battle in the American Revolution
has 3 Syllables in its name
Has an area in the top 80% of US states
Has 2 major interstates only
Borders only 1 other state
Does not touch the Connecticut River
Once had an AHL hockey team but does not anymore
Has the largest lake entirely in New England
Have toll Highways
Was not one of the original 13 colonies
Has a population that is not in the bottom 20% of the US
Border another country

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