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Can you name the name the country from the clue to its country code?

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ClueCountry nameCode
Indicating a place in the alps
The black sheep of the Balkans?
The Commonwealth's highest military decoration for valour could be awarded in this Caribbean nation
To have existence in the land of Tintin
I'll meet you in the south Caucasus before noon
If you're in Mumbai, then you're in the answer
This honorofic for men is not much used in this African nation
Just Caribbean country it
Most of you could use this pronoun about the residents of this country
Short form of identification in these islands
Negative Nordic nation
A stylish men's magazine has nothing to do with this country on the equator
Get some computer support in this boot-shaped country
Referring to myself in the Balkans
In the direction of the South Pacific
My father's father wore hats from this joining country
This east African country's lawlessness to a great extent
The MC playing the discs to the Gulf of Aden
Easy singing in south-east Asia
To be in the most northerly country
South-east Asian country belongs to me
The DJ is in the south of France

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