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In which country is
The Taj Mahal 
The Eiffel Tower 
Mount Rushmore 
The Kremlin 
The Little Mermaid (statue) 
The Wailing Wall 
The Brandenburg Gate 
The Acropolis 
Which very tall and long-legged wading bird is usually pink? 
What is the name given to a female pig? 
What is the fastest land animal in the world? 
What is an beaver's home called? 
Which body part do fish use to breathe? 
World Religions
What is the holy book for a Muslim? 
What is the holy book for a Christian? 
What is the holy book for a Hindu? 
Which world religion has a holy book called the Talmud? 
Which world religion was founded by Guru Nanak? 
Who would worship in a Mosque? 
In which building would a Jew worship today? 
In a Church, what name is given to the wooden benches you sit on? 
In Christianity, how long is the period of Lent? 
How many books are in the Christian New Testament? 

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