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Forced Order
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What type of junction does cAMP move through?
What structures do lipids form in water?
H2O2 produced in peroxisomes is broken down by what?
What happens to the 3' end of an RNA transcript?
What is the precursor to mRNA?
If macrophages undergo prolonged stimulation they fuse to form what?
Which leukocyte makes up less than 1% of the total population?
What is found in the medullary cords of lymph nodes?
What interleukin attracts neutrophils?
What does Dolor mean?
Where are germinal centres found in the cortex of a lymph node?
Where does glycosylation of proteins take place?
Each nucleosome is seperated from the next by what?
In inflammation leukocyte shape can change and pass throught the walls of blood vessels. What is this called?
What is the sedimentation co-efficient of a eukaryotic ribosome?
What is the most common type of RNA polymerase?
What cells in the local tissue release histamine during inflammation?
Where would you find Hassal's corpuscles?
IL-4 is part of the adaptive immune system. What effect will it have on macrophages?
Where are CD4+ helper cells found in the lymph node?
What are the 3 positions in a ribosome?
What is the stimulus for adaptive immunity?
What is the start codon?
What do cholesterole molecules discourage?
What breed of dog can have a high sensitivity towards Ivermectin?
What type of cells are only found in the Peyer's patch?
Name something that can cause chemical damage of the DNA sequence.
What are RNA transcripts capped with?
What are the 3 stages of transcription?
What class of lipids are non-polar?
What region can be found thousands of bases from the start site?
What is the function of glycolipids?
What can form if inflammation becomes chronic?
What percentage of total DNA is coding?
What is the function of splenic red pulp?
What type of receptors will the blood vessel express local to inflammation?
What do you call mobile DNA sequences that can jump around within the genome?
What enzymes are needed to synthesise DNA from the lagging strand?
What is the main origin of lymphocytes into the Lymph node?
Where does removal of Introns occur?
What enzymes seperate the two starnds of DNA?

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