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Can you name the All Ratchet and Clank Charaters?

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Forced Order
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Main Charater
Helps main charater
A fake superhero
Founder of DreadZone
Evil Brother of Clank
First Hero to join DreadZone
Lost his brain in a missle crists
Former High School Math Teacher
Qwark's trainer
Former employee of Megacorp
Stole the Protopet
Great Cheif
Many things he does
Captured by Vox
Greedy person who want a new planet
One of the Last Lombax
Founder of Megacorp
Leader of Space Pirates
First Mat of Captain Slag
Combat Robot who is sericous
Combat Robot that is a wimp
Fomer Captain of the Space Pirates
Professional Hoverboarder
Wants to Destroy all life in Blackwater City
Pop Star Robot
Butler for Dr. Nefarious
Technomites that made this robot
Wants to control the universe with all the knowledge of every species
Creater of the Great Clock
Father of Ratchet
One-eyed Monkey
Former captain of the Star Phoenix, Major of Metropolis
Hired by the fake Fizzwidget
Killed by Ace Hardlight
Black Market smuggler
Employed by Dr. Nefarious
Wants to Destroy a dam of a village on Planet Morklon
Created by Dr. Croid
Leader of the Loki people
Markazian Planet Thief
Repairs robots and other things that are machines
Collects artifacts of the Lombaxes history
Helps Drek with the new planet
The first Protopet made and now it is a monster
Wants to kill every Lombax

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