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What movie includes a plane engine falling in a boy's room out of nowhere.
In the movie 'Tropic Thunder', who played a white man playing a black man?
Who narrated 'The Shawshank Redemption'
Which movie was about 2 dogs and a cat going on an adventure?
Which movie has Kevin Bacon face off against a giant worm like creature?
In the movie '300', which army is the enemy of the Spartans?
In the movie '127 hours', what body part does he have to cut off?
In the movie 'iRobot', what was the name of the nice robot?
In the movie 'Kill Bill Volume 1', how many assassins did Bill have shoot the Bride.
In the movie '12 Angry Men (1957)', how young was the boy on trial?
In the movie 'The Green Mile', what was the name of the pet mouse that Percy steps on, and is later revived by John.

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