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Stan MunroTallest... 16 ft 8 in, from USA, 2013
Misao OkawaOldest... 116 years, from Japan, 2014
Star WarsHighest-grossing... USA, 1977
Akiko ObataMost... 8,083, from Japan, 2014
Paul CezanneMost expensive... $250 m, from France, 1895
Nick StoeberlLongest... 3.97 in, from USA, 2012
Sofia VergaraHighest... (actress) from Colombia
Yinka ShonibareLargest... from UK, 2010
Brandon KeeFastest time to hit five targets by... 34.9 sec, from USA
Ashrita FurmanFastest mile on... 12 min 23 sec, from USA, 2008
Person/Group/MovieObject or VerbMore Info
Herbert/Zelmyra FisherLongest... 1924-2011, from USA
Enviromental Transport AssociationLoudest... UK, 2013
Karsten MaasLongest... 14 ft 5 in, from Denmark, 2013
Kareem Abdul Jabbar (NBA)Most... 38,387, from USA, 1969-89
Fred GrzybowskiMost consecutive backflips on a... 17, from USA, 2013
Kim GoodmanFarthest... 0.47 in, from USA, 2007
Ashrita FurmanMost... 8,341 times, from USA, 1986
JawsFirst... USA, 1975
Ram Singh ChauhanLongest... 14 ft, from India, 2010
not includedTallest... Kingda Ka, 456 ft, USA

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